Masonic Fellowship:

Masonic Fellowship allows like minded individuals from disparate backgrounds and professions to meet and share common values, standards, and beliefs. Members are entitled and indeed encouraged to visit other lodges, both in New Zealand and also overseas. The Lodge Master will regularly visit other Auckland lodges and all members are welcome to accompany him, when their personal time permits. This is an ideal opportunity to see and witness the many variations to the ancient and global craft of Freemasonry.

Each meeting is followed by a light supper of a high standard and there is opportunity for members to mix, mingle, and share.

A variety of social events are run through the year to enable members and their wives/partners, as well as friends to participate in. Such events include:

  • Dinner meetings at the lodge rooms and also at restaurants.
  • Barbeques at members houses and also at public venues.
  • Weekends away to visit other lodges and socialise with their members and wives/partners.
  • Wives/Partners luncheons.
  • Fishing trips and other outdoor activities.

New suggestions are always welcome.