What is Involved ?

Lodge Arawhaiti members are expected to regularly attend Masonic meetings to assist in the smooth running of Masonic and charitable business. This is also an opportunity to gain further personal development and advancement.

There is a small initial joining fee plus members are expected to pay for their own Masonic regalia, once they have advanced to full membership. There is also an annual subscription to cover the costs associated with running the lodge. Members also contribute towards the costs of suppers at each meeting. Members are requested to consider making voluntary contributions to various Masonic charities.

The minimum dress standard is a dark lounge or business suit with the Lodge Tie. There are requirements made upon a member’s time in relation to the activities of the lodge for which adequate due notice is always given.

In August of each year Lodge Arawhaiti holds its annual installation celebrations, which are an occasion of great pomp and ceremony with warm fellowship. During this great occasion Lodge Arawhaiti entertains visiting Freemasons from both our Grand Lodge and other New Zealand lodges.

Joining Fees

New Masonic Initiates                     $250.00 (one time only)

Joining members                             $150.00 (one time only)

Lodge Annual subscriptions for year commencing April 1, 2019 are as follows:

Dues                                                 $ 205.00
Capitation                                         $   94.00
Divisional Levy                                 $   10.00
Total Annual Dues                         $

In addition to the above compulsory subscription, there are also voluntary subscriptions that the members are encouraged to donate:

Freemasons Charity                        $   20.00
Lodge Benevolence                        $    10.00
Centennial Fund                              $    10.00
Total Optional Fees                      $     40.00

Total Annual Fees                         $  349.00
  (incl. voluntary)

For new members, fees are payable on the night of initiation.

For joining members, fees are payable on his first night of attendance.

Dues are calculated on a pro-rata basis according to when during the year they have joined.

Any questions should be directed the Lodge Membership Officer