What members say:

"At first I was concerned about being accepted and how I might fit in.
It's like everyone's my best mate! I'm amazed and pleasantly surprised"

"I have met so many good friends through Freemasonry. I would strongly recommend it to others; particularly if you are as shy as I used to be"

"I very much enjoy the camaraderie and charitable accomplishments we have contributed towards"

"It is a great opportunity to get involved with something really worth while"

"I enjoy being part of a group of like-minded men – with positive attitudes, looking to see how they can improve themselves as well as make some contribution to the society they live in." 

"While there is formality in the ceremonies to progress members through the stages of Freemasonry, we have a lot of laughs and enjoyment in our rehearsals, refectories and social gatherings." 

"I enjoy the after dinner speeches where members briefly talk about their background and experience.  Our Lodge has a really diverse membership and some of the brothers have lived fascinating lives and are involved in really interesting work."

"Since joining Lodge Arawhaiti, my personal development has improved so much that I find it has helped me gain a promotion at work"

"Freemasonry is a great escape from the pressures of a busy work and home life. I find it to be a very welcome and enjoyable distraction"

"I find Freemasonry to be a fantastic history lesson. The books and films only touch the surface. If you study deeper, the roots of freemasonry span back over many fascinating centuries. There are many secrets to reveal."

"My wife very much looks forward to the social events!"